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random haiku + random update

well would you have the
balls to confront someone on
something like that?

sure, if i didn't
first chalk it up to "well it's
my problem not theirs."

i've never heard you
talk about what happened
and never asked.

considering we
were both in business dress and
on a busy street,

in that certain way
that toddlers walk - i gather
it's called toddling.

and then he made one
for himself and the two look
very different.

Thanks to splitpeasoup for pointing me to this script that makes haikus from your LJ entries.

= = =

In other news, I won $25 at adam_s's poker last night. In itself, this wouldn't be significant except that it represents a 500% increase from last week's take of $5 (which, incidentally, represented a 500% increase from the previous week's take of $1). If this trend continues, I'll make about $20,000 over the next month.

= = =

I'm going to try to take the patent agent exam this month, or next. If and when I pass it, I'll be a fully-fledged highfallootin' patent attorney (instead of a garden-variety intellectual property attorney). Nothing too monumental will happen as a result, except that I can sign more stuff at work.

= = =
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