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unrelated thoughts

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Got some postcards from the glowing_fish yesterday! An excerpt:
"Surprises are the only treats we cannot arrange for ourselves. Well, and tickling."
Thanks Matt.

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Today's worthless word of the day is razbliuto, which purportedly means "a feeling a person has for someone he or she once loved but no longer feels the same way about," except that there seems to evidence indicating it's actually not a word at all, but originated as a typo.

I'm thinking so what? I like the concept of sticking words onto concepts that have heretofor been allowed to float vaguely around, resisting attempts at concise articulation. Slippery little guys they are, defying our human nature to categorize and compartmentalize.

"There's one!"


"Nice shot!"

Perhaps the people who do this are a subcommittee of the New Words Department at Webster's (or, perhaps more likely, the Articlive Department as suggested by 40_ounce_bounce).

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The Hang extends her thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. :)

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And finally, of course, here's a picture of a gangsta kitty, from stuffonmycat:


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