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overcast saturday

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It's official, I have a girlfriend; the additional toothbrush in my bathroom is objective evidence of this. Chinese Girl shall henceforth be referred to herein as Chinese Girl Friend. I am cautiously ecstatic about this development. It's been awhile since I've had a relationship with a sane person.

I haven't mentioned this before, but CGF is a fantastic cook. I don't know how she does it, even though I watch her closely every time she treats me to a meal she prepares. I kid you not, even if I have like two eggs and a packet of ketchup in my fridge, out of this she can create several courses of mouth-watering and spicy incredibleness. Last night she made pork back ribs, a concoction of eggs and cucumber, something with shitakes and green things, and something brownish I couldn't identify but SWEET CREAMY JESUS I nearly choked in my enthusiasm to scarf it down. I can't believe I haven't gained a good 60 pounds since she started this.

= = =

For those who requested cds: I put them in the mail today. I am fully aware of your hollow feelings of false promise. Fear not, phresh grooves are rushing to you even as I type.

I still have a few left, if anyone else is interested in a copy. E-mail me your address and you'll have your very own, at least before Christmas.

= = =

My youngest sis is due with her third (and final) daughter; this will be Niece No. 8 for me, when she decides to come out. The name chosen is Brooke. Last weekend I asked her oldest daughter (Niece No. 6) if she remembered what her little sister's name was going to be. She nodded seriously and said "Bert." She's almost 3.

= = =

I'm leaving for a colleague's wedding in a few minutes. CGF can't attend, which means I'll probably stick around until I can pay my respects and ditch. Being happy for the bride and groom is all well and good, but being at a wedding by yourself is really only fun if you can feel free to flirt, and, well, I can't.

= = =

Welcome, chimpchampion.

= = =

For some great photography of the PDX area, check out ivorylinesmeet's website at dontbrandme.com. I recently purchased a few prints, including this one, this one, and this one. I'm fairly excited to see how they turned out.

= = =
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