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It's not much, but it's my first home improvement project!

My one and only exterior faucet is on the south side of my house. Since there's no sprinkler system (yet), I do all the watering by hand, with sprinklers and long lengths of hose.

The pathways through the garden beds are covered with wood chips, and someone made a little path, out of old bricks, from the wood chip pathway in the side yard, to the side of the house to access the faucet. The previous owners of the house left me a hose, which they kept coiled around the furnace outlet tube near the faucet:

However, I thought the arrangement really didn't look too good, since it didn't do much to visually distinguish the different areas of the garden on that side of the yard:

I also didn't think that hanging the hose on the exhaust tube was very safe, and the set-up offered nothing in terms of additional hose storage.

I figured I'd lay down a small patio around the faucet, and install a hose hanger and/or some other hose storage thingie, like one of those hose reels in a plastic housing. Also, I wanted to make the area large enough to hold a decorative planter or something to dress it up if I wanted to.

Solution: a loose-brick patio made out of precast concrete pavers.


A close-up of my masterful masonic skillz:

The entire project took about 16 hours. I found a couple how-to videos and step-by-step instruction lists online for free. I had an idea of the shape and dimensions, so I dug out the area before buying any materials, just in case I hit a boulder or root or something and needed to adjust the layout. Then, I measured the space to figure out how much material (pavers, gravel, sand) I needed, spent a lot of time setting, levelling and tamping the underlayment layers, and laid most of the pavers last weekend. Yesterday, I rented a brick cutter to cover the areas needing partial pavers, and finished up earlier today.

I decided to wait until the spring gardening sales to get more hose and a reel. :)

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