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it's a good day

This week has crawled past like ...

like a ...

Bah, I got nuthin'. My simile skillz today are as useless as a ... oh, forget it.

Dropped off The Hang earlier this morning at the airport for her Asian Odyssey, which I realize sounds like a fetish flick, but since she'll be gone for nearly three weeks, it won't be nearly as fun as a fetish flick.

In other news, I picked up a couple new LJ friends from the massive debate following my "why can't we all just get along" post in the christianity com yesterday, so hello to fanha and ldwheeler. :)

Tonight, hanging with zind4gi the birthday boy, along with acadiabaird, beansbouf and imperialhubris, and I'm looking forward to meeting abrichar!

Tell me somethin' good!

Happy Friday!

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