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updating from the Buddhist monastery ...

HA! HA! Oh, that was a funny one. OK maybe not.

Anyway, to celebrate April Fool's Day, I did ... well, nothing. But here's what I've been up to lately ...

The Hang has been in Asia for a couple weeks, and we knew that we wouldn't be able to celebrate the anniversary of our first date (from whence her nickname originated), but since she is the wonderful person that she is, she sent flowers to my office on Wednesday.

I pick her up from the airport on Tuesday, I'll definitely have some flowers with me for her, but I think I'll go get a bunch and put them inside her apartment before she gets there too. :)

Some more pics ... here's a close-up of the little toys to the left of the flowers that I have in my office (the one on the left holds my business cards). And, from drjeff's Ego Day entry yesterday, here's a pic of me, wOOt.

Poker game last night, a friend of a friend who just bought a huge house on Lake O, the only pieces of furniture in it right now being (1) a poker table, (2) 10 chairs, and (3) a pool table, made for quite a fun night. I think I managed to crawl into bed around 2?

Today, ran around buying about 800 pounds of various chemicals for my yard, and spent several hours applying them. Also gave a friend my reel mower and obtained a gas mower instead, tested it out on the first mow of the season, and did a bunch of overseeding out in front.

Tonight, heading down to Salem to hang with the family for a while, it's actually been quite a while since we've all gotten together at my folks' house.

Speaking of which, I need to be there soon, gotta go jump in the shower!

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