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Friday, The Hang and I treated a co-worker and her boyfriend to dinner at Ciao Vito and hung out with them afterward for a while to visit. Dinner was incredible, after only a few visits, this place is definitely on my list of favorite dinner restaurants in Portland. There were three particularly noteworthy things that happened:
- Neil Goldschmidt, at a table near us, was asked to keep his voice down
- we met Vito
- the tiramisu made me groan out loud, before I could catch myself

Saturday morning, we had an early breakfast at a place on Alberta we just found, the Tin Shed Garden Cafe. We ate outside on the huge covered patio, right in front of the massive brick fireplace. Loved it.

It rained most of the day, so I spent it cleaning the house, while The Hang ran errands ... after hitting the gym, we joined a few friends at Justa Pasta for dinner. At this place, you order at the counter and then go sit down, a feature touted by our friends to be innovative and cool, but I really didn't understand the point. The pasta was fresh and really delicious, and the wine was good, although I can't remember what we drank. We had dessert at Via Delizia in the Pearl (which happens to feature the finest gelato in Portland).

On Sunday, we'd planned to head to Salem to have Easter dinner with the family. Two years ago I arranged this whole Easter Egg / Note Search thing for the four oldest nieces, by hiding a bunch of plastic eggs for each niece (color-coded), each of which contained a note with a clue where the next one could be found. Because I'm me, of course, all of the clues were rhyming couplets, but there were 16 eggs each of 4 nieces, which meant that my rhyming skills were pretty raw by the end of it. Example:

"you're funny, you're smart, you're cool, you're the bomb
but the only one who thinks so has your next clue: your mom"

Mom kept hinting that she wanted me to do another one this year, but I just didn't have it in me. We were actually both feeling kind of nauseous from the rich eating we'd done the past two nights, plus I did something wrong at the gym that made my shoulder yell in pain at unexpected moments (like tying my shoe). So instead, we brought a bunch of candy, and presents for the little girls, and managed to talk the older ones into doing an Easter Egg hunt for the younger ones. The rest of the visit was relaxing, and we ate too much, and also had desserts three nights in a row, which means this week, zero sweets. Beeyargh.

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