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did you know ...

... that the correct term is actually "chaise longue" (and not "chaise lounge")? I just learned this myself!

... that Americans pretty much fail at the art of queuing? Sometimes I grab my morning cuppa from the Starbucks in the downtown mall, and sometimes there's a line out the door into the mall walkway. WITHOUT FAIL, the line extends directly across the mall walkway, obstructing passage, rather than extending along the wall, allowing passage.

... that today is Take Your Child To Work Day? There are shorties all over the office this morning. Given that a lot of the work I do is for a large toy company, and that as a result I have a lot of toy samples in my office, this means there will be a lot of traffic in my space today. Maybe I should put out my candy bowl too, get 'em REALLY hyped up.

... that I get to have lunch with my Internet Boyfriends drjeff and jef182 AND a special mystery guest today?

... that it's supposed to top 70 degrees today in Portland?

... that I am an incredibly fortunate person who is glad to be alive?

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