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I've been meaning to start making entries about my garden, more as notes to myself as I learn how to take care of it.

In late March, the perennials and weeds started popping up, and I posted to ask for help identifying various stuff. I'll do a follow-up when I can take some better pictures of how those plants look now.

Since then, things have been going a little nuts. In the perennial beds, daffodils, narcissus, and tulips have popped up and bloomed out, and in the past week some huge bearded irises are opening up ... these things have several buds on the same stalk, and weigh so much that some have bent the stalks down to the ground. My azaleas and rhodies came to life with some really vibrant red, pink, purple, and lavender blooms. The lilac blossoms are a little lighter than what I expected, but the cherry and apple trees are really heavy with fruit buds.

The roses are also starting to bloom ... I decided to try and count each flower I trim off after it's fully blossomed out, for each rose. I have a shrub rose (at least I think it's a rose) in the back yard that's in the lead with 35 so far. Here are the others:

Here's the climbing red rose on the front porch ...
bloom count so far: 10.

The pink rose in the front yard ... bloom count: 6.

The white rose, front yard ... bloom count: 3.

Some cool purple things in my back yard!
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