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I kid you not:

Subj: Desgres Besad On Lfie Eencrxpeie

I guess the target audience is those experienced ... with dyslexia?  Apparently this demographic is known, as a whole, to have the means and the inclination to drop cash on these De.gree programs (including Bach.elors, Mas.ters, MBA, and Doct.orate (PhD) D.iploma).

My favorite example of the "kill your market with your marketing" approach so far are the spam e-mails that advertised ... well, spam filters.

So the misspelling trend makes me wonder which product/service <u>can</u> be effectively marketed with mangled English, since you're probably not going to be inclined to throw down your money to a provider who can't even either (1) spell correctly, or (2) figure out a more legible way to sneak past e-mail filters, unless it makes sense to do so.

Hmmm ...

Subj: Prolbmes wiht Dxylseia?

Subj: Do all your office files LOKO LEIK TIHS?

Subj: Cmoplusiev Wrod Scrmalbe Sloevr?
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