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Haven't done a substantive update in a while ... work's been crazy. I filed four new cases in the past week. Well, eight, if you count the international versions of the US cases.

The thing is, these deadlines don't exactly sneak up on me. You file a provisional, you get a year to file a full, non-provisional case, but of course since I'm prosecuting over a hundred extant cases simultaneously, that year tends to get eaten up. Maybe I should farm out some work to the junior folks around here.

Yargh. Anyway.

Other stuff that has been taking up my time lately:
  • The Hang moved into her house this past weekend. The entire closing was iffy, with both her and the sellers thinking that the other party might back out for some reason, so she didn't have everything all planned out (movers, cleaning people, etc.). Well, it closed, so we spent a bunch of time this weekend getting everything prepped. She's in!

  • Allergies been kicking my butt. Each summer it seems that I build up a resistance to whatever medication I find, so that the first month of the next summer is always spent trying every drug and supplement out there until I find the concoction that works. So far, I haven't found it yet ... and it's interfering with my socializin', because I had to turn down an evening with three hot babes on Saturday. :(

  • More work stuff. We have three summer clerks working with us, I am mentoring one of them, and heading up the summer committee ... we also have two recent law school grads who just came on board, they're studying for the bar this summer and working part-time in the office. I hate meetings, but when the meeting is about how to train and organize social events for new people, I hate meetings less.

  • Garden. Still going nuts, but I realized the other day that I'd much rather have something that I have to maintain by constant pruning than something I am struggling to keep alive. I swear someone put a charm on my yard. Flowers grow there and I've never been able to grow flowers before.

  • House. Finally getting some contractors over to look at my basement and give me ideas for turning it into a few rooms down there, maybe a bedroom, to up the value of the house. There's a ton of infrastructure needing to be moved around, so it might be a challenge or even a no-go, but might as well see (1) if I can do anything, and (2) whether it would be cost-effective. I'm also ready to start doing some cosmetic stuff on the main floor (paint, trim, perhaps a new floor).

  • Summer. Trying to get at least one week-long camping trip organized, The Hang wants to head up to Vancouver Island and check things out, probably in July. I'd also like to get in some long weekends of just relaxing, and/or going out to try geocaching with some friends. Also also, I need to get out and do some hikes around the Gorge.
That's the report from the House of the Blue Dog. As you were. :)

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