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grape hyacinth

The grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) is a perennial with fleshy, grass-like leaves, out of which, in early Spring, projects a central spike with a tight cluster of cobalt, bell-shaped flowers. The ones in my garden grow to about 12" tall, bloom in March or April, then die back in May.

Here's a link to a picture (not mine) of a drift of grape hyacinth in bloom.

Interestingly, in late summer, the leaves die back to the ground, but this perennial is so eager to get a jump-start on the next season that new leaves shoot up in early Fall and stay green through the winter, then grow to about 8" in the Spring, shortly before the central stalk appears.

This perennial tends to self-propagate, and the bulb clusters require division every few years.

I have about a bazillion of these in my garden. Does anyone want any of the bulbs?

I've been pulling up the dead clumps of leaves while I weed my beds, and removing the bulb clusters for transplanting in other parts of the yard or just to discard ... earlier tonight I uprooted a cluster of at least 40 bulbs, about half of which were nice and mature (about 1-1.5" in diameter).

Seems a shame to just toss the bulbs I don't want into my compost bin, so ... anyone want any?

And, on a related note, what's the best way to keep bulbs alive until they're replanted?
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