Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

happy trails

The lead docketing lady at my firm is leaving today after working here 14 years.

She is charming and charismatic, and loves to sing, so she is inevitably the one to lead the rest of us reluctant mumblers in a somewhat harmonious (and always ridiculous) version of the birthday song whenever our day pops up on the calendar, or in various Christmas carols around the holidays.

Also, despite several unsuccessful years of trying to teach us the lyrics to "Happy Trails," she still insists on singing it whenever one of our number departs for greener pastures.

And every once in a great while she'll use the page feature on our antiquated intercom system to serenade us all with a couple of verses of some seasonal tune. This is simply something associated uniquely with her, and it's just one of those unusual quirks you grow to appreciate about a person, and find that you miss when they're not around.

So, today, on her departing day, I gave up on the idea of getting a chorus of co-workers together, but I did find a soundfile of Roy Rogers' version of "Happy Trails" ... and I just persuaded the receptionist to play intercom-DJ at 4:30 pm.
Tags: work

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