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def. 1#-->perpetual Motion Generater or (PMG)

"Perpetual Motion Machines is a hypothetical device that can continuously produce work with no energy input'Continuously covert energy completely into work' or 'Continuously produce more energy than it consumes'. It has been said, that no one has ever succeeded in building a Perpetual Motion Machine, and almost all scientists and engineers believe no one ever will.

"The first law states that energy can not be created or destroyed, may change form; For example, from' internal energy to mechanical motion- but the total energy of any system remains the same'.

"Meanwhile, by maintaining the practice of Marxism- (to know the law- & do the law) I feel I may have found a twist in the world of hypothetical Perpetual Motion Madness. Yet, one must remember that Science is both impeding and impelling, and-any-one-person who choose to be a Minister of Science some times put aside that impeding pawl way of thinking and come to terms by-way-of simplicity...."

Excerpted from a letter I received today from an inmate at the Sheridan Federal Detention Center.

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Welcome, bigdrumboy.

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