Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

13-mile bike ride

The Bridge Pedal the other day really invigorated me, and so I think I'm going to try making riding my main (currently, only) form of exercise. I really enjoy running, but I get shin splints no matter what I try (new shoes, changing running surface, stretching, building lower leg muscles, etc.). And since I commute by bike, there's very little prep time if I want to go for a ride after work.

My ride home from work takes about 20-30 minutes. A couple of times now I've just dropped off my backpack at home, filled up my water bottle, and then just gone for a short ride -- usually up to L's house and back. The timing works out pretty conveniently.

Here's my route yesterday ... this is the one I tried on Saturday but popped my tire when I got to Marine Drive.

Notes on this route:
- Willamette Blvd (miles 2-5): non-stop pedaling if you make the light at Portsmouth
- Willamette E of Richmond is stop signs and rough pavement until Lombard/St. Louis - choose different route
- bikelane on Swift Hwy up to Marine Dr (miles 7-7.5) has gravel and broken glass. Pathway spaced away from the road is smooth, but parts are under construction.
- I-5 interchange is a bit scary, but there are bike lanes.
- 99-E has shady, very wide bike lanes.

- GMaps Pedometer
- Portland Bike Route maps
Tags: biking

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