Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

17/20-mile bike ride

Found a 17-mile ride yesterday, here. It's almost 20 miles if a little bike path loop is included.

Notes on this route:
- first 5 miles, same as 13-mile route
- across from Kelly Point Park entrance (mile 9), there is a short paved bike path into the preserve behind the industrial area (2.6 mile round trip)
- paved bike path separate from road along N Marine (miles 9.5-11.5) veers off to right and meets Portland Rd for quick hop north back to Marine

Doing the 13-mile route after work on Friday, I blew a tube (again!) no more than 500' from the first blowout a week ago. This time, however, I was carrying a spare tube and a pump, so I repaired it myself. Still feeling a little proud about that. :)

I found that it's a 20-mile round trip from my house to the entrance of Sauvie Island, which itself has several miles of good, paved roadways for some bike trips. I mapped out a 40- and a 50-mile ride to try out one of these weekends, if I'm feeling especially ambitious. :)
Tags: biking

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