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dim sum = tim yum

MY GOD. Something happened to me yesterday that I failed to blog!

jef182, drjeff, and sistermaryeris and I went to Wong's King Seafood Restaurant for lunch, and I ate about 400 pounds of the best dim sum I've ever had.

Here's a shot that SME took right before the ninja chopstick fight:

I won, by the way. Thus, I had to shame jef182 by stuffing my prize in his ear:

Bandwidth and photos courtesy of SME and Big Jeff, respectively.
They're camera phone pics because all of us thought it was each others' turn to bring a digital cam, duh.

Pick a place, polarbear. It's SME's turn to buy next. :)

  • le butt

    ... less about a half-pound of test pieces (spritzed with bourbon and apple juice).

  • IT IS TIME ...

    ... to rub the butt. ETA: butt is rubbed, wrapped, and refridged; smoking commences in approximately 30 hours.

  • 12:50am, sunday ...

    ... time to barbecue.

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