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I loved this game

There was a Dairy Queen about 6 blocks from my childhood home that had this game. In the 80s, it seemed like every food establishment in and around my neighborhood dabbled in the idea of leasing arcade video games ... Dig Dug was the only game the DQ ever tried out, to my knowledge, and it was there for only one summer. During that summer, I and a sister or two would walk over for Dilly Bars and I'd play while they watched.

I was all about economy when it came to video games. This was before the days of Wunderland-type establishments where you pay an admission and all the games are a nickel, or something. Se we paid full price (usually a quarter, although a trend later developed to charge 50 cents for new games when they were released), and my rule was that if I had to spend more than two bucks (my weekly allowance, at 13 years old, was only $5) on a game to get my skill level to a point where a quarter meant at least 10 minutes of game play, I'd move on.

The best, cheapest games, then, were the ones I could play for 30 minutes or more on a single coin. Pac-Man (never could get past the seventh key), Super Mario Bros. (I was the first kid at the local arcade to save the princess), GORF, Defender, Berzerk, Galaxian/Galaga, Centipede, Moon Patrol, Xevious, 1942/1943, Gauntlet, and, of course, Dig Dug.

I think I need an 80s video game icon.

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