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oh geez, part the second

OK, so here's the $25,000 watch CGF brought me from Beijing:


Here's a larger detail shot.

It's a "replica" of a Patek Philippe "complicated" or "grand complications" watch that actually may not even exist, since I can't find the actual model it's imitating, new or used, either by appearance or by model number (the back of the watch bears the number 5052).

Similar Patek Philippe "complicated" watches go for 30 to 40 large. I don't believe it either.

At any rate, the US Customs agents in the Vancouver airport were fooled by it, keeping her there for about an hour while they tried to contact a dealer to get it appraised. Finally, I think they called a Patek Philippe distributor who told them, based on the model number, that it wasn't genuine.

Even without all the fuss, though, I think it's a pretty nice looking watch. :)

MUCH better than my Fauxlex, which I found on an Oregon beach 4 years ago. My new Patek Fauxlippe actually keeps the correct time!

= = =

Today in the mail I received a CD from renowned Hawaiian spinna DJ SkiB! Evidently it's made the rounds of the island's many haute-couture trance martini clubs before reaching me, but I'm glad it's finally made its way to rainy OR. Thanks Dean!

= = =

Yesterday morning I went for a run, proving beyond doubt that Nike's new slogan is complete bunk. I am most assuredly not faster than I think.

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