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the weekend without pictures


We'd been planning on heading down to Salem to have dinner with my family, but L, having the day off, made a last-minute decision to drive over to see her folks in Eastern WA. Since she had to work on Black Friday, she'd drive back on Thanksgiving, most likely missing dinner with me and everyone. But considering she hadn't seen her parents in several months (and wouldn't otherwise be seeing them until late January), I encouraged her to go. She took off around 10am, while I was still at work.

Flying solo now, all I had to do was pick up some stuff to make a glazed carrot dish for the family dinner, and swing by Grand Central to pick up dinner rolls. No sweat. L called to announce she'd safely arrived, and I watched some TV.

Also, I ordered two of these. Come on, I had to.


Not having anywhere to be until late afternoon, I slept in for the first time in several months, but only until about 9. It was awesome.

I lounged around in my PJs and read the ads in the paper, then made the honey mustard glazed carrots without setting off the smoke alarm. They were even edible, which was just a bonus.

Managed to make it to Salem about 3pm before everyone else arrived at my folks' house, so there was time for a little socializing before the pandemonium hit.

And hit it did. 18 people in that house, more than half of whom under 16 years old, made it seem exceedingly small. Much screaming, but much good food and fun. Broke the two-month diet with a couple pieces of my sister's cheesecake (it was worth it).

L called to let me know she'd made it back to Portland around 6pm, but was too tired to come join us in Salem. She had a microwave dinner, poor thing, so I made a huge leftover plate for her. I made it back to my house around 10pm.


The plan today, once L got done handing out coffee and donuts to the Black Friday hordes, was to goof off a bit until going over to cheekyassmonkey's place for orphan dinner around 3. I tried to make her take a nap before heading over, but she wasn't tired. Tori's place was great ... notable LJers there were bigdrumboy, miroje, ghotighued, cheekyassmonkey (of course), and cheekyspanker.

Also in attendance were emakelle and mr_sunyata, both of whom I met for the first time. :)

We'd brought a couple friends of ours, who didn't know anyone, but everyone meshed well and there was quite a bit of silly conversation and heaps and heaps of incredible food.

We left about 8pm, I think, but since we'd been eating (and drinking) since we'd arrived several hours earlier, it seemed late. L crashed, and I watched a pirated perfectly legitimate copy of Pan's Labyrinth that a friend loaned me. (Again, awesome.)


Following breakfast with L at Gravy, we both kind of loafed around for the rest of the morning.

Well, I did. She was productive and stuff. I watched Barry Lyndon. (WHOA.)

I really should have worked outside; it was clear and sunny, after several rainy days.

Went to an eye appointment in the afternoon, and it turns out I could use some reading glasses, so that's a little exciting. 8)

Accepted abrichar's invite to come to her place and sample some wines, so L and I brought a few cheeses and some fruit and goofed off at her place for awhile, then went to get a late dinner at Grolla. The food was incredible and rich, but the waiter was obsequious. Which is, if you have a complaint about a restaurant, probably the best possible one to have.


I slept fitfully and woke up feeling sick, and I promise you, abrichar, that you're not the cause; I'd been feeling a little tingly for most of the weekend, and I think it just decided to kick in.

After doing our Sunday morning routine (light breakfast and paper at Grand Central), I did all the chores I'd been neglecting, and sniffled and coughed. Took a nap, made some chili, then watched some TV ... awhile ago, I took some NyQuil, which is solely responsible for the somnambulent tone of this post.

Ah. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

By the way, fill out my poll or otherwise send me your mailing address, if you'd like a holiday card. NOW.

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  • hand

    "Hand," sculpture by Adam Beane.

  • (no subject)

    Now this is hot. Erotic Falconry. (Somewhat worksafe.)

  • loltrek

    Stephen, at Live Granades, asks: What would a lolcat story look like? What if lolcats had a TV channel? What kind of shows would be on it? The…