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I don't know where the days are going ... I don't say this with the exhilarated rush brought on by a combination of too much eggnog from a continuous string of holiday parties and delighted satisfaction from Christmas shopping, but rather out of concerned and sincere confusion.

I had it all planned out in my head from late November, or so I thought. Here's the budget for gifts for everyone, here's the weekend for doing Christmas cards, here's the nice afternoon set aside for mulled cider and giftwrapping with some warm holiday jazz in the background ...

Instead I'm here in the final week, with my master list covered with scribbles and question marks, Christmas cards neatly stacked, devoid of cheery salutation. Well, yet.

Can't really account for my time lately. It's not as if I've been working a ton, or being lazy at home, or even investing my spare time into non-Holiday projects. I don't know what I've been doing. Seems the entire weekend was packed with activity, but my dining room table is populated with about 3 gifts. Not wrapped. I'm wondering if I would be a bad uncle if I just did gift certificates for ALL of my neices this year.

Gripe gripe gripe.

Meh. I think once the UPS dude comes and drops off all the mail-order stuff, I'll be feeling a lot closer to completion.

This interruption in cheery holiday Tim is complete, we return you to the regular sched-Yule.

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