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1 - Really quiet morning around the office ... not a lot of people here today (although we're open), and the usual noise from the street is pretty nonexistent. The building sits in the block between the main north and south thoroughfares for the buses here, which have been re-routed until 2009 while the new light rail line is installed -- the construction of which will assuredly be much louder than the buses, once it starts.

2 - Thursday night we met beansbouf and threedogfight for dinner at Lovely Hula Hands at its new location on N. Mississippi, about a mile south of my house. The cheeseburger was ... quite unexpectedly incredible. We were planning on treating, for Betsy's birthday, but she pulled out her credit card and would not be dissuaded. Of course, since L and I are gracious people, we didn't protest.

3 - Friday night, our friends our cancelled dinner plans, so L and I went to return a pair of shoes she got me as a Christmas gift. I'm not the type of person who usually gets excited about a shoe store, but I loved this place -- even the music they were playing was cool. Here's what I got -- ooooh, booties.

4 - Saturday I worked on a bunch of home projects at L's house ... installing some hardware and shelves and such ... then we went over to cheekyassmonkey and cheekyspanker's house for dinner. In return for our contribution of some wine and a bouquet of flowers, we made out like bandits: Tori treated us to her version of abrichar's goat cheese, leek and pancetta tartlets, followed by the most mouthwatering risotto I've ever tasted, made with this incredible lamb sausage she had custom-made. (The idea of custom-made sausage is kind of a new one to me.) Dessert was cake, berries, pears, port, espresso, and much silliness. We'd have stayed later but my latent cat allergies started getting to me after only a few hours, so we made our exit.

5 - Sunday I finished up work at L's house, then did my own chores in the afternoon, and finished the day with some yummy Mexican.

6 - Gym this morning at 5-frickin-30.

7 - Turns out my TV was not delivered to Sacramento in 2004; Amazon was kind enough to let me know that the tracking number given to me was incorrect. Appending an "A" onto the end solved the confusion. It's here in Portland, and will be delivered later this week. :) :) :) :)

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