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Weekend was decent, and peaceful. Finished the work week on a great note, but felt somehow as exhausted as I felt energized ... and thus, ended up flaking on abrichar and ghotighued-in-drag on Friday night, instead ordering a late dinner in and flipping channels for a few hours. It's ok, I've seen ghotighued's faux boobs already ... he was wearing them under standard guy clothes the other night, which was a bit surreal.

Dinner was from Park Bistro, courtesy of Delivered Dish. This was my first time trying out this service ... two things of note, aside from the great meal: 1) a couple of LJers work there, and 2) the food came in plastic containers except for the dessert, which was in a small ceramic bowl. I wonder if I should mail it back to the restaurant.

Saturday I met beansbouf and threedogfight at Genie's for some early breakfast before jumpstarting a day of chores and house projects. I missed mahaloluinoa's housewarming due to evening plans of my own, the family and a friend or two came up for birfday dinner at Screen Door, my favorite restaurant in Portland right now. A few hours of silliness (intentionally putting large chunks of food "stuck" in our teeth, figuring out the T9 equivalents for various epithets, etc.) and great food later, I went home, feeling great. And proactive: I set all the clocks forward an hour before going to bed.

Sunday I spent by myself, intentionally, having turned down a few social invitations. I slept in only a bit, attacked my to-do list for the day and then some; expecting that the loss of an hour would leave me with less time, I guess I was more efficient, but the additional hour of sunlight and the warmness of the day made the afternoon seem to last forever. I even ventured outside and did a couple of hours of yardwork. Slow-cooked some pot roast and potatoes for dinner.

Just noticed this is only my fourth post in March. I guess most of my thoughts lately have been pretty introspective, just getting centered again. The wickedly hilarious and widely acclaimed social commentary for which this blog is internationally renowned will return soon, I'm sure. :)
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