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Q'n'A redux

If you haven't asked a question, please feel free to ask one. If you have, I've posted answers.

Also, following up on a brilliant idea suggested by prettymuchjulia, jef182 posted his alarmingly accurate guesses about what everyone's questions were.

Also also, here are some random responses to some things that people told me:
  • That's awesome, I usually bite mine. I know, gross.
  • It really freaked me out too, but I figured that even if I didn't make it through, I'd still have learned a lot more than I knew before, including about myself.
  • You need to kick that gorgeous boy in the butt. Or make him a pie. Or both.
  • I'm not sure about it either, but you know that you'll have a blast at least some of the time ... if you don't kill each other.
  • Has it seriously been that long? If you still work in the same place, or even if you don't, Ben & Jerry's is on me, soon.
  • Any school that teaches a subject like that is pretty damn kick-ass.
  • I'm glad I'm your college friend too.
  • About 4 hours for me.
  • Ditto. Although we actually haven't yet. :)
  • I really would like to hear that ... maybe I'll hike it with you next time.
  • I've been getting more exercise lately, which is really healthy.
  • I'm dubious, but I'll try anything.
  • I hear ya. But insofar as I can tell, it's not obvious that's the case.
  • I love apples.
  • All things in moderation, including indulging a little too much in something.
  • I agree.
  • If that was the best part, I need to revise my technique.
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