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lyrics meme answers

Late last week I posted one-a-those lyrics meme thingies, where I post lyrics and you try to guess the songs. If by some chance you (1) missed it and (2) are dying to impress me with your encyclopedic knowledge of some of the more obscure stuff on my playlist, then by all means have at it!

If you're curious as to the answers for the ones you couldn't figure out, answers are ...

... right here:
  1. Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons, packed up and ready to go.
    Talking Heads > Life During Wartime
    (props to meisterdorf)

  2. Hey you, boys in body bags, don't you think Jesus' sexy?
    Kid Loco > Gypsie Good Time

  3. You're not my eater ... I'm not your food.
    Massive Attack > Black Milk

  4. Bury me along the Big Sand, down in those blue-grey mountains.
    Dwight Yoakam > Bury Me

  5. Found your mittens behind a box of pictures, you would wear them before I brewed the tea.
    Iron & Wine > Weary Memory

  6. I was standing in the jungle, I was feeling alright ... I was wondering in the darkness, in the middle of the night.
    ELO > Jungle
    (meisterdorf again)

  7. I discover the wheel and watch the buildings go by, you talk a little soft, turn off the radio.
    Trashcan Sinatras > Weightlifting

  8. Called to see if your back was still aligned, and your sheets were growing grass all on the corners of your bed.
    The Shins > Kissing the Lipless
    (shebear got this one)

  9. Should have been, could have been, would have been dead, if I didn't get the message goin' to my head.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers > Suck My Kiss
    (nailed by nate_turpentine)

  10. I see myself in the pouring home, I see the light come over now.
    Moby > South Side
    (score 1 for the crackmonkey)

  11. When routine bites hard and ambitions are low, and resentment rides high but emotions won't grow.
    Joy Division > Love Will Tear Us Apart
    (synthcat, of course, followed by jef182 shortly thereafter)

  12. The question is wouldn't mama be proud? There's a silver lining in the corporate cloud.
    Elliott Smith > Wouldn't Mama Be Proud?

  13. If we just lay for a little while (so damn cool, so damn cool), makes we writhe, it can't be right.
    Felix da Housecat > She's So D*mn Cool

  14. Life kid suck, drink from the box, the juice kicks up, life give suck the box drink ... yeah.
    Underworld > Bruce Lee

  15. I got something to say that might cause you pain, if I catch you talking to that boy again, I'm gonna let you down and leave you flat.
    The Beatles > You Can't Do That
    (shebear again)

  16. Every day in every way i'm falling, every thing that everyone says turns me on.
    Travis > Indefinitely

  17. I ain' axin' yo' opinion. Oh, Bess, oh where's my Bess, won't somebody tell me where?
    Ella Fitzgerald (among others) > Oh Bess, Where's My Bess
    (emakelle got close: she guessed the musical)

  18. I've seen love go by my door, it's never been this close before, never been so easy or so slow.
    Bob Dylan > You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
    (ldwheeler got this'n)

  19. Je n'ai pas peur de la route, faudrait voir, faut qu'on y goûte, des méandres au creux des reins, et tout ira bien là.
    Noir Desir > Le Vent Nour Portera
    (skibinskaya, quel surpris!)

  20. I wish I would've met you, now it's a little late. What you could'a taught me, I could've saved some face.
    Filter > Hey Man Nice Shot
    (2 for le crackmonkey)
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