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easter weekend agenda

My buddy from law school turned 30 yesterday. He's in LA. His girlfriend arranged a weekend in Vegas for a bunch of us to celebrate. I leave tomorrow.

Today, 4/5
5:01pm: go hooooome, shower, pack, do yardwork
7pm-ish: pho (shizzle) with Erin
8pm-ish: unpack, then re-pack, curse self for leaving that one cool shirt I wanted to take, at work
8:30pm-ish: chill and watch a movie, charge iPod
whenever: sleep

Friday, 4/6
6:30am: wake up, debate going in to work, if only to grab that one cool shirt I wanted to take
6:40am - 11am-ish: no clue
12 noon: drive to airport
12:25pm: check in for flight
1:25pm: take off
3:30pm: Vegas Baby Vegas
3:45pm: posse pickin me up at LAS; check in to MGM Grand
3:46pm - whenever: frolicking and debauchery*

Saturday, 4/7
more of the same*

Sunday, 4/8
7-frickin-am: somehow get myself to airport to check in for flight
10:19am: arrive at PDX, drive home, crash for a few hours
4:00pm-ish: grocery shop, chores, etc. etc.
8:00pm - 10:00pm: Planet Earth with Amanda, Erin, and Isaac
10:03pm: iz ded

* - "frolicking and debauchery," as the term is used herein, refers to any activity customarily and/or allegedly practiced in Las Vegas, illustrative examples of which may include the following, without limitation: alcohol consumption, barhopping, being thrown out, birthday celebration, blackjack, blow, cigars, craps, destroying hotel rooms, disputing pay-per-view porn on hotel bill, drunkenness, drunk dialing, drunk texting, embarrassing my friends, embarrassing myself, emptying hotel room mini-bar, flashing, flossin, gambling, golfing, greasy breakfast buffets, hookers, hot tubbing, looking hot in my cool shirt, mad pimpin, massive hangovers, partying, poker, poker, poker, public nudity, rollin, shenanigans, six-dollar prime rib, scotch, strip clubs, strippers, unplanned tattoos, waking up in the bathtub, waking up in the dumpster, waking up with a new piercing, waking up with a new tattoo, writing on sleeping friends, and so forth; individually or in combination, discretely or overlapping, singly or repetitively, sequentially or randomly, all of which will happen in Vegas and stay in Vegas.
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