Tim (littlebluedog) wrote,

shameless plug

This is my friend Cindi's business:

Beef Jerky Bouquets!

Not open for business yet, but the site just went live, and you can get on the mailing list.

From her e-mail to me:
Why would you want a Beef Jerky Bouquet you ask? You might not (vegetarians in the house said, HO! Tofu coming soon!) But I bet you have a: Husband, Dad, Boyfriend, Son, Nephew, Uncle, Mailman, Boss, Client you're trying to shmooze, Guy at work that isn't looking forward to receiving a big ole' embarassing bouquet of non masculine, pollen ridden, unedible flowers for: Father's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation or any other day you can think a man (or even woman) who would want to eat a pound of yummy jerky (and get a huge 25 oz beer mug as a bonus gift)!
I love this idea. :)

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