April 6th, 2004

little dog - lab pup

i wanna be 3

The toddler chain gang just passed underneath my window.

I work downtown near a centrally located plaza, which is a popular spot for day-care trips. The toddler chain gang is a walking activity in which several toddlers hold onto spaced-apart handles woven into a long rope, the ends of which are held by their adult babysitters. It's really cool to see them trot along in that certain way that toddlers walk (I gather it's called "toddling"), still learning to keep their balance, looking around everywhere except where they're headed, hands waving around, babbling.

I prefer this format to the other one I usually see, which is the toddler paddy wagon, a large stroller that can hold about a dozen of the little shorties, but with the paddy wagon they're strapped in and are usually asleep or picking their noses or pulling the hair of the kid in front of them. The chain gang is much better.

I swear, some days it would be mighty nice to surrender complete and utter trust to someone else, and simply hold on to a rope and follow with no destination in mind, free to walk around looking around at everything, all my needs taken care of by someone else, unencumbered by responsibility.