June 30th, 2004

little dog - weim


I don't know if I'm dating the Chinese girl. We had lunch today, she brought subs and drove us to the park way up on Council Crest, talked about pets, her family in Beijing, the 4th of July, polygamy. I made her laugh a few times.

She works downtown too, so after we drove back and parked, we parted ways on the corner of 5th and Taylor. I gave her a hug, and she held on for a little longer than I expected.

You know the feeling, if you're speaking to someone and his/her face is a little too close to yours, or if someone is standing a little too close behind you in line at the store or at the ATM. It was that feeling.

I'm not averse to physical contact. It wasn't a bad feeling, just, well ... unexpected, I guess, considering we were both in business dress and on a busy street corner downtown, but I didn't want to rudely break away, so I held her. At one point I did drop one arm from her back, signaling that I was ready to disengage if she was, but she kept holding on, so I put my arm back around her. It lasted at least two minutes. Maybe more; I really didn't think it would have been appropriate to look at my watch to time it.

I'm trying to remember having hugged someone for that long. Two minutes is a long time to hug someone you're not dating or related to by blood or marriage. It was so long that I felt obliged to ask her if anything was wrong, and then felt stupid right after I said it. I just got the feeling that she just wanted to be held.
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