December 6th, 2004

little blue dog

santa meme

I want to be your not-so-secret santa!

As taken from cheekyassmonkey who got if from scruffybeast who got it from sassybutterfly who got it from salilus who took it from sirwalterhere who took it from submissivemiss who took it from maggielawrence who took it from lavender_eve who took it from sargiegirl76 - I'm going to fulfill my promise to pay this forward.

I shall be the not-so-secret santa for the first person to respond to this post who is not already on my personal gift list.

... don't know me in real life.
... like to read.
... don't mind giving your real name and address to a stranger (me) when i give you my email address.

... will reply back to the first qualifying comment asking you to send me your mailing address via my email.
... am your not-so-secret santa.
... will study your Interests list, and decide on a book to send to you for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Giftmas, Yule, Solstice, whatever you like. The book might be a used book. It might be a book you already have (but i'm going to try not to send a common one).
... will mail the book during the week of December 15 to the address you give me via email.

... will pay this forward (do the same thing for someone on your friends list).
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from the ridiculous complaints department ...

My sisters are broke this year. Not a problem, since I typically buy presents for all of their families just because it's fun, and I don't expect remuneration.

Except that they insist upon it. If not in purchases, then in baked goods, and my sisters are fortunate enough to have inherited Mom's talent for baking. Sis 1 makes this incredible buttery-sweet caramel corn by the golden-brown bucketful, Sis 2 is renowned throughout the northwestern states for her huge, chunky, soft, mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies, and Sis 3's goodies jurisdiction includes the best apple pie in pretty much the known universe.

Somewhat surprisingly, the only thing I can really do is waffles, and I have to use Bisquick, a habit which my sisters leave no doubt that they scoffingly disapprove, as they concoct their creations from scratch.

In the past, I've gotten used to receiving a batch of yummies about every year, from a different sis. The limited holiday budget seeming to have alternated among them so that in a given year, one (and sometimes two) of them resorts to the kitchen to create a Christmas present for me.

But, like an alignment of planets, all three of them this year have limited holiday budgets. As such, I'm gearing up to welcome back the twenty pounds it took me about six months to lose, in a matter of a few days. Ah well. :)
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