January 21st, 2005

little blue dog

just the facts, meme

Nicked this blogthing from pandoranoir's journal.

Of the 15 statements below, 5 are lies. Not slight bendings-of-truth, but complete fabrications. If anyone guesses all 5 correctly, you get a prize! Ooo!

Here goes:

1. I was once paid by the state of Nevada to teach college students how to synthesize barbiturates.
2. I've never had a wet dream.
3. I've never kissed a man.
4. I haven't been sick to my stomach in over 25 years.
5. I once ran for political office just to ask a girl out.
6. I drink at least two gallons of milk per week.
7. Craig T. Nelson once gave me golf advice.
8. During my first visit to Paris, I was mugged twice in 30 minutes.
9. As a teenager, I liked to pretend I was blind in public in order to get attention.
10. I'm rarely happy with my hair.
11. Once, a few hundred people watched me lay on my back and stick a gun in my mouth.
12. As a college student, I liked to speak with an accent in public in order to get attention.
13. I vehemently despise the music of Jimmy Buffett.
14. I met Bryan Adams years ago in Gresham, OR.
15. For years I've wanted to be a hand model.

Any guesses?
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