March 16th, 2005

little dog - weim

can't think

Gah. Must be the weather, I guess, been feeling surreal all day. Didn't accomplish much at work, got here late this morning, can't stay focused. Tomorrow is the last day of the week for me, then I'm randomly heading down to LA to hang out with some law school peeps (and writesthings, of course) and goof around.

Anyone want anything?

So, today I met zind4gi for his birthday, for lunch at Dragonfish. Also present were acadiabaird, qousqous, meganpenworthy, algeh, and shademalek. I've hung out with Allison a few times previously, but I met everyone else for the first time. Good peeps. Four hours later, I am still stuffed with sushi.

And ... poker tonight. :)

OK, I'm out.
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