April 5th, 2005


fifth gra?

I've been having a few problems with my phone lately. For example, when I hit a key to bring it up from sleep mode, sometimes it freezes for up to a minute before it will accept any commands.

I've also been recently seeing a girl (The "Hang" I mentioned last week), who seems pretty cool.

So here's a transcript of a voicemail I received last night, in its entirety:

"... is amazingly sexy. And so, um, I've decided that I want to grow up and be a Jewish professor, who has a lot of money, and can hire cute boys to work for me. And, so, that's my goal, um, and I hope that, um, I can, a-achieve that goal, by teaching fifth gra--"

It's a female voice, but I have no idea what the message is supposed to be about. The tone sounds jokey, but the caller doesn't laugh or giggle.

The weird thing is, it sounds like The Hang, but I'm not sure.

The caller ID shows her number, as does the callback feature of my voicemail. I asked her about it, and she did call me at the same time the voicemail was left, and left a message, but she denies leaving this message. I said she was playing a joke on me (since, for example, she's not Jewish and doesn't want to be a teacher), but she said no. I think I believe her, gauging her reaction. Weird.

Now what's making me curious is who left the message, and for whom. :)
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