July 12th, 2005

little blue dog

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I've had gadget envy ever since Ovid posted about his spiffy Garmin Forerunner, but a friend recently pointed me to a hack that uses Google maps to calculate point-to-point distances, so now I can figure out exactly how far I run when I take a given route.

For example, here's the run I usually take. It's a pretty simple application to use.

Unfortunately, I still have gadget envy.

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The inspection of tha pizzurple hizzy was yesterday. Luckily, no surprises ... for a century-old structure, it's in pretty good shape. It could use a new roof and furnace, and some of the pipes could stand to be replaced, but that's pretty much the extent of what should be done.

I wasn't sure what to expect ... I thought the current owners would be home, and we'd have a huge quibble session on the final price of the house, based on stuff from the inspection, but they weren't around - just me, my realtor, and the inspector. I'm guessing the quibbling comes later.

Next steps: need to get homeowner's insurance now ... and the house will be appraised next Monday.

The closing is set for July 29 at the latest, so I was thinking I'd be in there August 1. However, my lease is through August, so I was figuring I'd have to pay rent AND my first mortgage payment for one month, and probably eat toothpaste until I scrounged enough to buy some groceries. However, things apparently aren't moving as fast on the owners' NEW place as they'd like, so they asked if they could rent the house from me for the first two weeks of August. HELL YEAH! :)

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