August 15th, 2005

little blue dog

because nobody knows the wreck of a soul the way you do

Back a day earlier than planned, from a weekend road trip The Hang and I took to visit her folks over in Pullman, WA. They're both retired profs who worked at Wazzu, and it was her Dad's b-day (thus the trip). Really nice country over in the Palouse: many many many wheat-covered hills.

So, I'm in the office today. Which is both good and bad ... good because I've got a hard deadline on Friday morning and a ton of stuff to do to meet it, bad because Jesus, I had planned on not being here at ALL.

Last Friday night, we met beansbouf and her husband ("The Steve") for dinner over at Lauro Kitchen, followed by an underwhelming dessert at Pix across the street. The service was decent and uncharacteristically quick, but I ordered an Americano and got a cupful o' sludge! Last time, they gave me an espresso shot in a regular-sized cup, and a small pitcher of hot water, and it was incredible ... this time, bleah. I had beansbouf give it a taste, since she's like a sommelier of coffee beans, and she told me the grounds were old and that it had been pressed twice.

I don't know how she could tell, I just knew it was bad. But seriously, this woman not only can tell you the part of the particular country the beans came from, but which month they were harvested.

If you're hoping this anecdote has an actual point, well this is the part where I tell you there isn't one.

Anyway, it was great to hang out with them Friday. Saturday we hit the road, played the Alphabet game and I-Spy on the trip and developed a greater tolerance of each others' tastes in music ... and repeated the process coming back yesterday. :)

And, last night I bought a fridge.

Happy Monday! :/
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