September 9th, 2005

little blue dog


An Open Letter to the Motorist Who Almost Killed Me This Morning:

Dude (or Ma'am) - I'm sooooo sorry. That was completely my fault.

Killingsworth doesn't have a bike lane where it intersects with Interstate, and there's usually very little traffic that early in the morning, so I typically run the red light to cross the street instead of waiting a few minutes at a dead intersection for the light to turn. I thought I took a good look before I started pedaling, but obviously I didn't see your car coming.

Thank you for slamming on your brakes to avoid hitting me, even though you had the right of way and I didn't.

I apologize if I alarmed you by dramatically crashing my bike to the ground. You see, I'm kind of a dumbass, and I wasn't able to disengage the clip on my fancy biking shoe from my pedal when I stopped. Thus, gravity kicked in, and I was thrown to the ground in what likely appeared to be a very painful manner, although it only smarted a little. At the very least, I hope it gave you a chuckle.

I also hope my subsequent facial expressions and hand gestures directed at you successfully conveyed the messages that "I'm sorry! My fault! I'm OK, thanks! Please proceed!", instead of something much more hostile.

Finally, please don't allow this morning's event to color your opinion of Portland's bicyclists as a whole. I'm not a good representative, since I'm very new to this, and still familiarizing myself with many aspects of commuting by bike (including, apparently, rudimentary operational skills as well as acquiring some very basic street sense).


Guy on Yellow Bike

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little blue dog

why I heart my bank (

- Refund of any ATM fee, like any ATM anywhere, any amount, even the sticky one in that shady strip club that charges you $8.25 to grub out some Jacksons for a lap dance. Just sayin.

- Really friendly phone support.

And the kicker:

- Web BillPay. I can pay any bill for free without writing a check, by going clickety click click.

I have my mortgage through Wells Fargo ... to get a better rate and a credit towards my closing costs, I had to open a WF checking account and set it up for automatic deductions when my payments become due. But I HATE Wells Fargo banking, so I use the USAA Web BillPay to automatically deposit my mortgage payment into the WF checking a few days before it's scheduled to deduct. I R TEH SMRT!
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