September 27th, 2005

little blue dog


My firm hired a new staff member today. The e-mail announcing this event was sent out on Friday afternoon, announcing the new employee's name ("MAGNUS") but declining to assign a gender.

Of course, an e-mail discussion among the associates followed, speculating not only on MAGNUS' gender ("male" was the 10:1 favorite), but also his heritage and overall stature, the latter prompted by the googled revelation that several Ultimate Fight and World's Strongest Man competitors have been named MAGNUS.

MAGNUS, as it turns out, is a short, earnest-looking young guy. Today he's wearing a short-sleeved shirt and tie, and sneakers.

I spoke with him a bit, and he's pretty decent. But not the strapping son of Vikings we all somehow expected. Oh well.

"CHRISTINA" starts next week.
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