October 4th, 2005

little blue dog

: )

Was I supposed to tip the repair guy for "forgetting" that I told him that the washer was fried as a result of a power surge following the outage on Friday?

His intentionally faulty short-term memory saved me a few hundred bucks, so I wasn't sure. I did listen to him talk non-stop about anime for about 45 minutes, though

"Anime is actually not a "genre," per se ..." he began. One might agree that it was an even exchange.
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calvin d'oh


I'm just as lazy as the next blogger, what with the lulz and the omgwtfpantyhose and whatnot, but at least every word I can't be bothered to type at least gets its own letter in an acronym.

But can we please stop with the expression "that needs fixed," and, by extension all of such phrases that incorrectly drop the "to be" antecedent?

We're not fat guys in coveralls talking about tractors.

It needs to be fixed.

Or, at the very least, it needs fixing.

Not so hard, imho.