October 10th, 2005

little blue dog


Watching Shakespeare in Love last night (what? shut up.), I realized that Ben Affleck was actually pretty good in it. Which is ironic on several different levels, since he plays an egotistical character who thinks he can act, but can't.
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little blue dog

just what is up with you people?

I've noticed lately that a bunch of folks are making posts to address the drama happening in the comments of their personal journals.

Am I doing something wrong? I have chocolate in my peanut butter, but no drama in my eljay. My friends are too nice to each other, I think.

Good job, my online homies. Pat yourselves on your collective, socially evolved, non-snarky back.

EDIT: OK goofballs, unless you start directing some of your jabs toward each other, you're pretty much proving my point. NYAH.
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