October 14th, 2005

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things I can do without on LJ

Three items in a continuing series ...

The "go sic 'em" post.

The construct (from theferrett, here):

"Gosh, someone has offended me! I'm too incompetent to argue this for myself (or I'm terrified that my opinions aren't strong enough to stand up on their own merit), so here's a fresh post containing a link to the place so you can all go harass this person! You thought you were a loose grouping of people who've decided to read me - but actually, you're my army of sycophants, existing only to repeat badly-worded opinions and fling insults like monkey poop! Now, fly! Fly! Bring me that girl and her slippers! Fly! Fly! Fly!"

The cryptic post.

(A peeve of boy_asunder, as well.)

The construct:

A brief expression or sentence bereft of context, often (but not always) phrased to suggest a host of different possible meanings, usually heavy with implied drama. Variously coupled with one or more of: ominous musical choice, mood setting, and/or user icon.

- "that is all" (note use of lowercase, and lack of punctuation, suggesting life-ending ennui)
- "Don't ever do that. EVER." (whoa! someone was naughty!)
- "WHY?!" (o the pathos!)

Throwing gasoline on the fire.

(Most prevalent in loosely-themed coms, such as oh I don't know, damnportlanders.)

The construct: OP posts a simple yet subjective opinion, susceptible to easy disproof and/or being construed offensively, and then replies to every single comment, usually inciting further disagreement, engaging in ad hominem attacks, and/or insisting upon having the last word in every subthread. Comments usually span at least 3 pages.

= = =

In other news, it's Friday.
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Forgot to mention that this morning I had a dream that the Forces of Evil were poised and ready to fight the Ultimate Battle with the Forces of Good. It was total RotK-style, the Evil dudes all slimy and black and smelly, the Good guys all gleaming and shining and righteous with the light of God hisself. Anyhow there was this dramatic trumpet blast and the opposing hordes began running toward each other across this vast expanse of wasteland. But right before they were about to engage, my alarm went off.

Talk about a cliffhanger.
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