November 7th, 2005


feelin' punchy

My cell phone rings, at work. I don't recognize the number.

ME: Hello?

PHONE: (silence)

ME: (louder) Hello?

PHONE: Please hold for an important message!

WTF, whoa there. You just called me, and you're asking me to hold?

PHONE: (after about 10 seconds) Thanks for continuing to hold. One of our representatives will be right with you!

PHONE: (after about 10 more seconds) Thanks for contin-- (different voice) Hello?

ME: Hello?

PHONE: Hello, Mr. Whalen?

ME: Yeah, ok I'm sorry, can you hold on a minute?

I put the phone down on my desk and continue to work. Game, set, and MATCH, beeyotch!
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1. cosmicjohn has entirely too much time on his hands at work. He sent me these nifty little gizmos today:

2. Now, I have all the parts I need to complete the prototype:

3. Thank you very much for the unexpected gift, John! Your puny life will be spared when my robot army is unleashed upon the world and destroys all of the humans. :)
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