November 22nd, 2005

little blue dog

an interesting take

If you've been following NPR's "This I Believe" series, then you may have already seen (or heard) this essay by Penn Jillette: There Is No God.

What I find intriguing is not that I agree with most of his points, but the fact that his perspective doesn't require the nonexistence of God; it simply requires a specific conceptualization of God. I'm not sufficiently well-versed in theosophy to invoke the proper name of the construct I'm describing, but I think Jillette's (and my) perspectives allow for the existence of an internal God, a conscience, the little voice inside your head.

Viewed in this light, I think what Jillette does believe is that a belief, or faith, that is held to be absolute and ineffable truth, functions less like a shield against evil and more like a steel trap, closing the mind to the possibility of new ideas.

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little blue dog

rent / pants II

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I have to start by linking to Jesse's awesome review of RENT. It rocks (the review, if not the movie).

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OK, so thanks for everyone's suggestions yesterday. I opted to follow writesthings' suggestion and rock a black shirt with the dark blue pinstripe pants.

I'm lookin pretty fly, if I may say so myself, but then I noticed earlier that these pants aren't hemmed at the bottom. They look hemmed, but instead, there are a couple inches of fabric just loosely folded up into the bottom of the pant leg.

Usually when I buy pants, I just snag a pair of jeans or chinos with my size off the pile and go. This fits the Guy Profile of Buying, one of the rules of which says clearly that Things Should Be Instantly Functional For Their Intended Purpose Without First Having To Have Someone Else Make Them Work.

(There is an exception to this, called the "IKEA" or "Lego" exception, which holds that If It Is Fun To Build In Order To Make It Work, That's OK.)

However, this pair of pants is fancy, with the unhemmed cuffs.

So yes, that means that I am Mr. Fancy Pants. Yeah, yuk it up.

Anyway, the extra fabric of the pant legs, of course, worked itself loose and unfolded, and I'm not about walk around like a dork with a couple inches of extra fabric sticking out the bottom of my pants. But I couldn't get it to just stay put and folded up.

Luckily, I have a stapler.

Hemming is a cinch! I got both cuffs set ok with only 4 staples each! And I managed to make them vertical, to match the pinstripes. You see, I roll with class, bitchez.

I'm out.

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