December 28th, 2005

little blue dog

hello hello

Something about a 4-day weekend near the end of the year just kinda takes the wind out of one's sails, doesn't it? I'm at work now, as I was yesterday, but I'm just pushing around papers on my desk and goofing off online.

After my first year, I learned to keep my docket lean over the holiday season just to give myself some space to relax. Unfortunately I'm still years away from learning how to make myself do work when deadlines are waaay out on the horizon. :)

I spent most of the weekend down the Valley a bit with my fam, and everything was refreshingly relaxing. There was Xmas Eve dinner with The Hang and all of my sisters' families at Mom and Dad's, followed by the nearly-unbridled chaos of the gift exchange (there were 18 of us), then the struggle to stay awake while accompanying Mom to Midnight Mass.

The Hang had a plane to catch on Christmas Day, to go spend this week with her folks, so after dropping her off I headed back down for some more relaxing and goofing around with family. It was a study in excess: food, drink, sweets, games, silliness.

Spent Boxing Day in an introspective mood, cleaning up my house and doing some yardwork in between the bouts of rain. There's a lot to be done out there; I've got a ton of vegetation to cut back this winter.

Need to make some plans for New Year's Eve ...
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