January 27th, 2006

little blue dog

more unrelated thoughts

Continued, I guess, from Wednesday.

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Currently reading onda_dog's book. The style is growing on me, but what I love best so far is the tone: simultaneously loving and angry.

Although absent context I don't know how profound it is, but my favorite sentence so far is
"Animals are already in their heaven."
It's an autographed copy, too. :)

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Currently also [re-]reading The Power of Myth. I want to watch the video series again. Campbell's got such a fascinating way of objectively assessing incredibly subjective concepts.

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Not entirely unrelated after all, someone in christianity asked if anyone has read this book, a purportedly true account of a man who was dead for 90 minutes after a car accident, went to Heaven, and then came back to life.

With things like this, or other accounts of the paranormal, is it more important to believe the account is true, or to believe that the narrator believes it's true?

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I think I'm going to get one of these after I take pass the exam.
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