April 4th, 2006

little blue dog


I e-filed my return only this weekend via TurboTax, although I've had all of the paperwork for months. I had to PAY last year, which I didn't expect, and I think I was a little phobic this year about completing the return, in the same way that I have this silly fear of going to the dentist because I'm afraid he's going to tell me that my teeth are all about to fall out.

But largely due to the house purchase in late 2005, I am getting a hefty refund this year, both federal and state. And, of course, because I'm me, I catch myself checking my bank account balance online every few hours to see if the refund has been electronically deposited yet -- despite the fact that I filed less than 2 days ago, after procrastinating for more than three months.

I get a kick out of the irony ... even more so, considering it wasn't that many years ago that I'd mail the thing in and have to wait for several weeks to get anything back.
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