April 24th, 2006

little blue dog

weekend wrap-up

The Hang's folks were in town to catch up with a British colleague of theirs who was also visiting Portland for the weekend, so Friday night was dinner at her house with her parents, along with Allan (the Brit) and Matt (his host). Everyone over 40 was either an active or retired college grad school bio prof, so the conversation was mostly about something like bizarrelynamedchemical that doessomethingweird to somerandomDNA in a species of bizarrelynamedmosquitolarva. They were all quite excited about it, but since the talk was way over our heads, The Hang and I just drank wine and nodded.

Saturday morning I had a massive headache from too much nodding the night before, and poked around the house for most of the day after meeting my Dad for breakfast.

He and I are trying this new system where we meet for breakfast every other Saturday, alternating who drives to meet whom, with the home team paying the bill for the visiting team ... this week was his week to drive up here, so I took him over to the Tin Shed. It's funny, our conversation was all about stuff that I always found as a kid to be "boring adult stuff": mortgages, taxes, investments, the economy.

After I sent him on his way, I put a coat of teak oil on the patio furniture I assembled last month, took a little snooze in the sun, went inside because it got pretty windy, and watched DOG DAY AFTERNOON. I'd never seen it before - awesome acting, and some great quotes - but my favorite part was recognizing the actor that played Leon, Sonny's lover, as the same who later played Humperdinck in THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

The Hang and her folks spent most of the day looking at houses. I think she's going to make an offer on one in St. Johns. I'm pretty excited for her.

We met up for dinner (leftovers from the previous night's feast), and then headed downtown to catch Oregon Ballet Theatre's Spring Program, the undeniable highlight of which was the male duet in the middle of the final piece of the show.

Sunday's weather was absolutely stunning. After seeing her parents off (they drove), The Hang came over and met me for a late breakfast, and then we spent the day in my yard. Although I hadn't planned anything in advance, I took out two dead rhododendrons, did a bunch of pruning, planted three azaleas and a replacement rhody, mowed my teeny back lawn, and made three hanging baskets for the front of the house.

We split up to run errands, and then I relaxed on my front porch with a book and smoked my pipe for a while. We met back up to grab some Mexican chow at Catalina's, and called it a night!