August 7th, 2006

little blue dog

what's that?

You say you'd like to hear about how I totally STUCK IT TO THE MAN this weekend? Well ok!

L and I were grocery shopping at Safeway, wandering through the meat department. Like other supermarkets, Safeway applies little adhesive stickers to meat and other products that are near the pull date, for quick sale. Of course, being a carnivorous cheapskate, spotting these little fluorescent orange labels is like finding Easter eggs. Well, Easter eggs full of money.

I'm usually not a purchaser of pre-sliced pepperoni, but when the regular price on a 3.5-oz. package is $2.49 and a "$2 OFF" label has been plastered on the front, the stuff inside has to be black and/or furry before I'll pass on it. So imagine my delight when I found that not one, or two, but about twenty packages had been adorned in this manner.

The pull date was August 8, so I had two days before the "am I that hungry?" game would begin. I tossed four packages in the cart. It was hard to stop there. Forty-nine-cent pepperoni? INSANE.

I knew from previous purchases of discounted meat products that the cashier has to scan the discounted item and then manually key in the discount, so I was a little confused when each pepperoni rung up at $2.49, followed by a "-$0.99" indicator on the readout.

Turns out the little guys were on sale for $1.50.

My eyes widened as I realized what was happening. I kept my mouth shut, figuring that I would blow everything if I asked a question about the pepperoni. However, I just about tore the reciept as the cashier handed it to me, eager to find evidence that I had just totally STUCK IT TO THE MAN.

I found it. A $2 discount had been manually keyed in for each package of pepperoni for which I'd just been charged $1.50.

Safeway PAID ME $.50 per package of pepperoni. Oh YEAH, dog.

In the parking lot, much to L's eye-rolling chagrin, I performed a little dance of victory. Safeway, to thee I say HA! and HA!

Another mighty blow struck upon corporate America. Long live the rebellion, my brothers and sisters.
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