August 22nd, 2006

flying man

trivia ...

Sebastian Hammer, Tom Madsen, Katja Nyboe, Michael Seifert, and Hans Henrik Staerfeldt.

Without googling, I wonder how many people know the significance of these names. They were like GODS to me once. Seriously. I wanted to figure out who they were, meet them, hang out with them, because they occupied the top rung in my ladder of awesomeness.
little blue dog

portland century

I just found out about the Portland Century bike ride happening this Sunday. There are three routes: 40, 60, and 100 miles -- quite a bit longer than the Bridge Pedal earlier this month.

I can't participate because I'll be out of town, but I probably would have been able to handle only the 40-mile ride at this point.

However, the website has route maps for all three rides, all of which include part of the little loop I've been doing up in St. Johns. Since I like starting with familiar territory and expanding from there, I'm going to map out these routes on the pedometer and save them to try later.

40-mile loop (pdf)
60-mile loop (pdf)
100-mile loop (pdf)