September 11th, 2006

little blue dog


Hey Tim, what did you do this weekend?

Welp, I ...
... helped L finish painting her entryway
... drove to Salem for brunch with Mom and Dad on Saturday morning
... did a ton of yardwork
... watched City of God (wow!)
... tore off all of the base moulding and door casing in the dining room
... took only one nap
... did not ride my bike
... decided that Season 3 of Samurai Jack is the best so far
... indulged in pastries, coffee, and Sunday morning paper with L at the new Grand Central Bakery on Fremont
... contributed a voiceover to pdx42's radio PSA
... starting designing a walkway and retaining wall project for my front entry
... had Thai food + beer on Alberta with my sweetie and some friends
... managed to completely forget about work
... deeply appreciated how great life is
... was in a great mood the entire time

All weekend, L wore a necklace I ordered from dstroy's jewelry website, Laughing Starfish. She loves it (thanks Dorota!).
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