September 12th, 2006


is there anything they can't do?

From a co-worker ...

Deep fried Coke.

My favorite quote: "Gonzales said the fried Coke came about just from thinking aloud."

Haha ... ok, the concept of deep friend Coke doesn't just spontaneously spring forth unbidden from one's mind. I'm wondering about the thought process or conversation that led to Ms. Gonzales' genesis of this idea.

"What can't I deep fry?"
"I'll be damned if that Shirley London is gonna win with 'praline perfection' ... wtf kind of name is that anyway?"
"The kids at the fair last year didn't look fat enough, hmmm."
"I wonder if I can create an edible product with no nutritive value whatsoever?"
"God damn that was some good fuckin weed."
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